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The Adler Graduate School (AGS)

Dan Haugen AGS President

The Adler Graduate School (AGS), located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, recently hosted an international conference attended by persons from 12 different countries. The planning process for this conference was spread over a period of three years – with the last two conferences held in Vienna (2011) and Paris (2014), respectively. This conference of the International Association of Individual Psychology was built around a scientific program that required absolute precision as to the technical jargon and professional vocabulary that was used. I mention these factors only to convey the serious-mindedness of this conference and the critical importance of our translation services.

From the beginning of our three-year planning process it was clear to me that the choice of translation companies was the most critical decision we would be making. Indeed, the quality of our translation services would promise to be – and ultimately was – the linchpin of a successful conference. In short, I am very proud of our decision to contract with TranslationZ. I am even more proud of the work they did and its positive impact on our conference.

TranslationZ leaders and employees were both gracious and easy to work from our first emails and telephone conversations to the correspondence we have exchanged on a post-conference basis. For anyone considering using Translationz services, I can sincerely say that the people I encountered were consistently competent and conscientious, and genuinely nice to be around.


- Dan Haugen, AGS President

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