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Mining and Natural Resources Translation and Interpreting Services

We understand that the mining industry spans many disciplines, and that the responsibility entailed in translating highly technical documents is immense. It is essential that our translators be not only exceptional linguists, but also specialists in the field, with industry-specific technical knowledge.
Because mining and natural resource companies routinely import and export their products and services, they often are in need of translation and interpreting services. Translationz has extensive experience helping companies to eliminate language barriers and to forge more effective business relationships.

These constantly developing global industries produce highly varied and technically challenging translation assignments, and the required level of expertise goes far beyond the skill set of professional translators lacking specialised industry experience. We translate all types of documents for many different areas of the industry, including drilling and exploration, mineral processing, health and safety, and more.

At Translationz, we take great care in allocating projects only to those translators who possess the relevant technical linguistic expertise and subject knowledge. The members of each team are carefully selected to ensure that they are the best fit for each specific project.

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You Can’t Translate What You Don’t Understand!

In addition to providing written translation services, we also supply live interpreters to provide communication assistance on-site, as well as via telephone or video conferencing. Our translators and interpreters are knowledgeable in the various areas of the mining and energy industry, and have worked on projects ranging from import and export documentation to heavy equipment engineering, and everything in between.

We provide the mining and natural resources industries with a variety of translation and interpreting services:

•    On-site interpreters
•    Remote interpreting via telephone or video conferencing
•    Interpreters for business meetings
•    Interpreters for mining tours
•    User group and focus group translation and interpreting
•    Mining marketing material translation
•    Import and export documentation translation
•    Business correspondence translation
•    Legal contract translation
•    Human resource manual translation
•    Technical guide translation


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We understand the importance of specialised knowledge when translating for mining and natural resources industries, which is why our staff includes subject experts such as mining engineers, researchers, and geologists.
When it comes to successful communication, consistency is key. We put extra effort into developing a solid foundation for our translation projects, compiling customized style guides and terminology documentation to ensure a standardised look and feel across documents. Our skilled project management and close attention to detail result in superior quality, savings, and turnaround times.
By building long-term relationships with our clients, we gain a better understanding of their brands, expectations, and goals. Not only does the client benefit in savings and turnaround time, but also in the convenience of no longer needing to repeatedly explain their basic requirements.

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