Document Translations

Document Translation

If you require personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, or school records translated into or out of English, Translationz can help. We translate personal documents every day for clients who are immigrating to Australia, traveling within Australia and renting a vehicle, and applying to Australian universities. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide accurate translations that will be accepted by all universities and government institutions.

Your documents will be expertly translated by our professional translators. We can provide NAATI- (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) certified documents, stamped and signed by our NAATI-accredited translators. NAATI-certified translations are generally required for all documents being submitted to Australian government bodies.

Your documents will always be kept strictly confidential. We know how important your documents are to you, and we will treat them with sensitivity and respect. Documents are shared only with the translators completing the work and with the project manager assigned to your account.
We offer quick, professional service, and we can be reached around the clock at our Australian and U.S. offices, including weekends and after hours. You can upload your documents quickly and conveniently from our Get a Quote tab for a fast, free quote.
Translations of most documents are completed in 2 to 3 business days, at which time we will email you a scan of your document and post your hard copy, which will arrive in a few days’ time. We also offer express service with 1-day turnaround for an additional fee.

We routinely translate all types of personal documents:

•    Birth certificates
•    Marriage certificates
•    School records
•    Degree certificates
•    Financial and bank statements
•    Driver’s licenses
•    ID cards
•    Passports
•    Personal letters
•    Letters of recommendation
•    Employment certificates
•    And much more!

Translationz is a leading translator of immigration documents and has been providing certified translation services to individuals, lawyers, migration agents, and others for years. We can translate your documents and return them to you in person at one of our offices, by post, or by email no matter where you are located in Australia—Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, or any other region. It is fabulously simple and convenient to use Translationz for all of your translation needs.

We are a company that prides itself on providing excellent customer service. The process of applying to schools or submitting visa applications can be time consuming and stressful. The last thing you need is the hassle of mistakes and delays when having your documents translated. We have been providing quality NAATI translation services for immigration, education, and vehicle rental needs for many years in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

As experts in the translation industry, we are well versed in translations pertaining to immigration matters. We have worked with clients applying for visas in a variety of categories, including permanent residency visas, student visas, temporary visas, and business visas. We have translated documents for employer-sponsored applications, spousal visa applications, student visas, and independent skilled migrants, as well as for the Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887), the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa, and other similar documents.

Translationz has everything you are looking for in a professional language services provider:

•    Accurate translations
•    NAATI certification
•    Professional linguists
•    Quick turnaround
•    Reliable services
•    Strict confidentiality
•    Superior customer service
•    Attention to detail
•    Customised support
•    Satisfaction guaranteed

Step by step process in getting document translationWe are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations, and all of our services are guaranteed. Our team will meticulously review your translated document for complete accuracy, and the document will be returned to you in its original format and ready to publish. Because some languages prefer different treatment of names, we will work with you to ensure that all names are spelled exactly as you wish, and that they are consistent across all other documents. Your complete satisfaction is our top goal.

Government agencies have strict standards for visa application documents. Translationz guarantees that our translation of your documents will adhere to these standards and be accepted by the necessary agencies, or your money will be refunded. We ensure that each document contains the required stamp and certification, enabling your Australian visa application to be processed—and finalised—as quickly as possible.

There are also stringent procedures for confirming the validity of visa translations in order to make them acceptable to immigration agencies and other authorities in Australia. One common requirement is that the NAATI translator stamp and certification appear on each page of the translation. We are highly experienced in providing immigration document translation, and we understand the protocols required by the Department of Immigration for these translations. You can rest assured that Translationz will follow all of the necessary protocols for your immigration document translations.

For a free quote on your NAATI-certified immigration document translations, simply go to the Get a Quote tab, fill in your details, and upload your documents. Translationz offers fast, reliable service at a cost-effective price, with discounts for multiple documents.

For more information, simply ring us, and one of our Translationz team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For a free quote, click the “Get A Quote” button to the right of this screen, or call us on any phone number listed on this website.

Translationz provides certified translation services to all areas of Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Whether you require the translation of one page or of one thousand pages, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Birth Certificate Translation

Translationz provides certified birth certificate translations, which are often required by the government when submitting official applications. Contact us for help with all of your certified and official translation needs.

Driver’s License Translation

If you are renting a car, campervan, or other vehicle in Australia and have a driver’s license in a language other than English, chances are you will need your foreign driver’s license translated. And should you wish to obtain an Australian license, the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will require your license to be translated by an Australian certified translator. Translations completed by Translationz are accepted by the RTA in all states except New South Wales, which uses its own RTA translators. (Please visit the New South Wales RTA website for additional information.)

Marriage/Divorce Certificate Translation

If you will be going to court for a divorce proceeding, you will most likely first need your foreign language marriage document translated into English. We can provide all necessary translation services along with an affidavit, if required. Simply let us know your requirements, and we can certainly help.

Certified School Document Translation

An official NAATI-certified translation is required for entrance into most Australian universities. Translationz can provide the necessary translation of school transcripts, diplomas, and certificates. We will translate your documents accurately and quickly, and all of our work is guaranteed to meet with your satisfaction. You can submit your documents to us by email, by uploading them to our website, or by delivering them in person to our headquarters in Melbourne. We are fast, accurate, and easy to work with.

For a free quote, click the “Get A Quote” button to the right of this screen, or call us on any phone number listed on this website.