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Technical Japanese Translation

Translationz has completed a variety of translation projects.  We have translated marketing materials, business letters, technical, scientific, medical, and legal documents as well as other types.

We are highly committed to providing accurate translations within your deadline and requirements.  We take immense pride in providing a translation that reflects the intended meaning of the source text.  Often we come across translations, accurately translated, but the intended meaning of the source text is not adequately conveyed. 

We continuously review and edit to provide translations that are accurate, well-translated, with the intended meaning consistently conveyed. 

The following are some examples of recent clients and the type of translation services we have provided.

Scientific Translation

Translationz was commissioned by The Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC.  An independent, non-profit service for the news media, giving journalists direct access to evidence-based science) to translate a conference of highly regarded Japanese experts discussing the Tsunami that occurred in March, 2011 off the coast of Japan and the nuclear power plant issues that resulted.

The conference was held March 2012. Below is a portion of the translation to English completed by Translationz.  The complete translation is located at AusSMCC’s website

On March 11 last year a magnitude 9.0 (Mw) earthquake hit off the coast of Japan triggering a powerful tsunami and resulting in the most serious nuclear accident since Chernobyl. Over 15,000 people were confirmed dead as the tsunami inundated a total area of approximately 561 km2 (217 sq mi) in Japan. A series of fires and explosions within the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station triggered a full meltdown in three reactors whilst a fourth was significantly damaged by fire. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was rated as a level 7 (major accident) on the international nuclear and radiological event scale. Now, one year after the disastrous events unfolded, nuclear and disaster experts examine the current situation and what lessons can be learnt.

Below are comments from Japanese experts gathered by our friends at the Science Media Centre of Japan and translated into English by Translationz. The collaboration between the Australian Science Media and the Science Media Centre of Japan is supported by the Commonwealth through the Australia-Japan Foundation which is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Tatsujiro Suzuki is Vice-Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission in the Japanese Cabinet office

“The present circumstances assure that Fukushima Daiichi is remarkably stable. However, the condition of the reactor core is not understood and there are still many mysteries about the nuclear reactor.

At present the main concern is the radioactive material being discharged in large quantities into the air. However, I think that this is a short-term concern. I feel as a future prospect, the treatment of contaminated water being generated in large quantities would be more important. The water is being processed; it however is not decreasing. The people at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant are suffering a lot due to this. The influx has already entered the sea. Effort is being made to build a fence, however this would take time. Groundwater is flowing under the power plant; hence one has to keep watch on underground penetration. In the case of the contaminated water, a liquid waste disposal process has to be set up as it is a high level radioactive waste.

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