Website Localisation

Website Localisation

Our website localisation services modifies your web content to make it suitable for other countries and regions. Website localisation utilises our professional translation services to rapidly deliver localised version of your web pages.

Website Translation

Why website localisation?

International markets represent new and expanded business opportunities. To effectively market on the web outside the border of your country, your website needs to reflect the language, culture and norms of the other countries. Localisation of your website offers key benefits such as:

  • New business generation
  • Expanded market exposure
  • Improved product/service awareness and recognition

Website localisation pricing

Translationz pricing of website localisation is based on the number of words in the source text (normally English). This includes the source text in the titles, tags and other non-code items. We have a set-up fee of $250 and then as per word fee that varies based on the target language.

Website localisation methodology

Translationz website localisation service is performed by humans rather than by programs. Cultural and social norms are not easily captured by computer programs.

We start by confirming our understanding of your requirements. A translator then performs the website localisation of the agreed contents. A second, independent, translator then performs the quality assurance review.

Translation Web Hosting

We can host and manage your foreign language website translation.  This option virtually eliminates the need to give us and the translators logins and accesses into your web site.  We provide you with the code to place on your website which links it to the hosted translation website, or we can place the code on your website if you provide us with access.

Text Translation of Web Site

We provide only the side-by-side translation of the text on your web site.  You do the rest.

Free Website Translation

For a limited time, we are offering free translation of your home page using one of the above methods. (1 web page of your web site). Submit our free website translation request form or call us.

Technical Assistance

You provide our technical staff with access to change your web site and we do all of the work.  Recently, we have translated web sites which use these technologies:

  • Joomla web site translations
  • WordPress web site translation
  • Website translation using standard HTML & CSS
  • Translation of a website built in standard PHP

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