FAQ-QLD Health

Frequently Asked Questions

For Queensland Health Interpreter Applicants

  • Recruitment and Onboarding Procedure
    • Send your updated resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    • Phone Interview

    • Translationz will send a Welcome Email allowing you to access the HR portal. You will need to enter your personal information and upload relevant documentation before onboarding.

    • Attend the induction training

  • What documentation is required?
    • CV

    • Evidence of Vaccine Preventable Diseases
    • NAATI certificate/s

    • Current Police Check

    • Proof of Right to Work in Australia

    • Blue Card (if working with children)

    • Passport size photo

    • TFN and Superannuation Form

  • Why do I need to provide Evidence of Vaccine Preventable Diseases (EVPD)?

    • EVPD aims to protect yourself and others for risk of acquisition and/or transmission of a VPD. It is a Queensland Health requirement that ALL people working in hospitals and clinics must provide evidence of up to date vaccine records. No exceptions can be made.

    • Which vaccines are needed?

  • Can I work for you as a contractor and not as a casual employee?

According to ATO regulations, all interpreters that we assign for work on a frequent basis need to be employed as casual employees.

  • Payroll Procedure
    • Provide your bank account thru Bank Details Enrolment Form, TFN form and Superannuation form
    • Upload the signed Assignment Completion Slip to the Portal for each assignment
    • Payroll schedule: twice per month and it will be transferred to your nominated bank account
  • Payroll Schedule

             Payments are made every 7th and 22nd of each month.

             Example of payroll cut-off:
             July 20 (July 22 falls on a Sunday) – for completed assignment slips received from July 1-15
             August 7 for completed assignment slips received from July 16-31
             August 22 for completed assignment slips received from August 1-15

  • Does Translationz pay a travel allowance?

Translationz will cover the following travel allowances:

Gold Coast $92, Redcliffe $50, Caboolture, $65.  Please note that travel allowance must be pre-approved.

  • Watch a Video presentation about Translationz and requirements for Queensland Goverment.



  • How does Translationz allocate interpreting assignments?
    • A Translationz PM reviews the assignment and contacts an interpreter that meets the requirements. Our preferred method is to contact a single interpreter who we know is available.

    • We contact you through portal – SMS and Email. We might call for urgent requests.

    • You can respond “Accept or Decline” within a reasonable time. We value your time and your schedule.

    • We encourage review before work, lunch or after work. We appreciate fast response (within 4 hours), however duty to the patient comes first.

    • If a response is not provided in 8 to 12 hours, we will either notify you again (call or text) or we will seek other interpreters for the assignment.

  • Assignment Forms/log book
    • Booking sheets form the basis of your pay, and payment to the client to Translationz.
      It is a requirement that a signed booking sheet is provided to Translationz for completed onsite interpreting assignments.

    • Translationz provides interpreters with booking forms. You may also be provided with an assignment completion form/log book. Upon completion of the assignment, the client must sign the log book or booking form.

    • In the book, 2 pages are allocated per assignment with carbon sheets separating the pages. After the client signs off on the assignment completion slip, you keep one copy and the second copy goes to the point of contact at the client (hospital/centre/legal etc. contact).
    • As noted, each assignment must be signed off by the client. This provides evidence to the scheduling client that the interpreting session took place. This is required for the client to pay and for you to be paid.
  • Assignment Completion Slips

             You will receive a booklet. You will see two different coloured pages in the book, each have corresponding functions. Please make sure that you write firmly so that                 all pages are readable and use the carbon paper between the next booking assignment sheet.

             White: Your copy. Please retain for your records as we may ask you for this in certain instances.

   Take a photo or scan the ACS and directly upload to your Translationz portal. Emailed copies will also be accepted.

                         Note: Please provide assignment completion slips to Translationz the same day as the completed assignment (or as soon as possible). Delays in submission                                       may lead to delay in payment.

             Green: Onsite client’s copy. Give to onsite client and please ensure that the ACS is readable.

             If you do not have a booklet or if you prefer, you can download and print out the ACS form from the interpreting scheduling platform. Print out 2 copies and both must                 be signed and one retained by client.

  • Combined Assignments – Does Translationz schedule this?

Yes, the client sends us this type of requests where two different patient assignments are combined with one booking reference. We schedule these assignments as per the direction of the client.

  • What is the rate for the second hour and subsequent hours of combined assignments?

The rate specified in your contract for the second and subsequent hours.

  • What is the maximum time between combined assignments?

30 minutes maximum between joined assignments.

  • Combined Assignments Clarification

             Most of our interpreters view combined assignments positively because it reduces the need for travel and allows interpreters to optimise their calendar with                                   assignments.

             We define combined assignments as back-to-back assignments with up to 30 minutes break between assignments.

             Here are examples:

             Example #1
             First assignment at 9:00 a.m., 1-hour duration.
             Second assignment at 10:30 a.m.
             Combined assignment rates would apply.

             First assignment at 9:00 a.m., 1-hour duration.
             Second assignment at 10:45 a.m.
             Both assignments first hour rate would apply.

  • Superannuation

If you received a contract prior to 25th April, 2018 the rate listed in your contract includes superannuation. Contracts provided after 25th April lists both rate calculations inclusive and exclusive of superannuation. For contracts signed prior to 25th April, we are sending out an email clarifying superannuation calculation.

  • Workers Compensation

Translationz is insured for workers compensation in Queensland as well as other States in Australia.

  • Is there are maximum amount available for Workers Compensation (we have been told by other providers that the maximum is $2,000)?

We are not aware of the cap, if any, for casual employees and we are investigating and will inform with update. We have never had a workers compensation claim. Translationz has been safely operating for more than a decade. Translationz is committed to the safety and security of our staff, contractors and clients. Our OH&S policy can be provided upon request.

  • Payslips-Will Translationz provide a breakdown in a payslip?

Yes-a payslip will be emailed to you each time you receive payment. On the payslip a breakdown of amounts will be listed with items such as taxes deducted, superannuation calculation, expenses reimbursed.

  • How often is superannuation paid?

Translationz pays superannuation monthly, paid on the month following payment of your timesheet.

  • If an assignment starts at 6:30 a.m., what would the rate be for the first hour?

The rate would be the afterhours rate for the first full hour. After the first hour, when you are in normal business hours, the rate for additional hours would be the rate for second and subsequent hours specified in your contract.

  • The following pertains to scheduled what standard protocol for onsite assignments. Additional information may be given for specific hospitals.
    • Q: What should I do upon arrival for my appointment?
    • A: On arrival the interpreter should always report to the front desk related to booking location and notify the receptionist that they have arrived. Interpreters must always wear ID that identifies them as working for Translationz.
    • Q: What do I do if there are multiple patients on the booking?
    • A: When a booking has multiple patients, interpreters are instructed to report to the reception desk. Staff will provide patient details and appointment times.
    • Q: What do I do if I am running late for my appointment?
    • A: When running late for a booking, contact Translationz as soon as possible, and prior to commencing the assignment. Translationz will contact the hospital/clinic representative with and inform of the interpreter’s realistic estimated time of arrival and a reason why interpreter will be late. If an interpreter is more than 10 minutes late, the clinic area has the right to reject the onsite interpreter and no fees should apply.
    • Q: What happens if I am waiting for my appointment for more than 20 mins?
    • A: If an interpreter has been waiting for 20 minutes, the interpreter should ask the reception desk or liaison nurse for an update on the progress of the patient’s appointment. If no explanation is given, contact Translationz.
    • If an interpreter is unavailable to stay after the booking time they should communicate this to the reception staff or nurse in charge.
    • Q: What happens if the patient doesn’t turn up?
    • A: Interpreters should wait at least 20 minutes before approaching the reception staff to find out the progress of their appointment. If the patient hasn’t arrived, the reception staff will usually phone the patient to find out where they are and the interpreter will be asked to interpret over the phone. If the patient is not attending that appointment, the interpreter should notify Translationz and complete the details in the Assignment Completion Form.
    • Q: What happens if my patient doesn’t need an interpreter?
    • A: If the patient is proficient in English and doesn’t need an interpreter, this should be recorded in the Assignment Completion Form.
    • Q: What should I do if I am asked to extend my appointment?
    • A: If an interpreter is asked to extend their booking time the interpreter should inform Translationz after the completion of the booking to enable an update to the duration of the booking. The Assignment Completion Form should be signed and updated time noted. Interpreters will not be paid additional time if they do not have a signed form indicating the approved additional time.
    • Q: Who will sign the Assignment Completion Form after the job is completed?
    • A: The form can be signed by reception staff/nurses/ or clinicians. If there are any issues, please contact Translationz.
    • Q: What if 2 interpreters arrive for the same patient?
    • A: Interpreter should notify Translationz and the interpreter should have the Assignment Completion Form signed noting the double booking.
    • Q: What parking options are available?
    • A: Parking varies by client site. It is your responsibility to park safely and legally. Translationz does not pay for parking or parking infringements.
  • Queensland Health Facility Maps




FAQ-security clearance

Frequently Asked Questions for AFP OSA and NV1 Clearance Application

As you are aware, Translationz is on the panel to provide interpreter services, translation services and transcription services to the AFP.  We want the best language professionals to be part of our team servicing the AFP.  See below for some of the questions we have received regarding the process.


Who is the sponsor as listed on the Contractor NV1 Form?

       On receipt of the completed forms and documents, the AFP will sign-off on the Sponsor page and submit the documents to the security vetting team for assessment. 

Who do I list as the current supervisor in contractor pack, page 3?

       List the current supervisor as Translationz

Can I be registered with more than one Language Company?

       Absolutely yes. We recommend that you register with Translationz.

If you have been informed differently by other language companies, this is not correct. We have double checked with the AFP and confirm that translators and interpreters can be listed on multiple language company panels.To be listed on Translationz’ panel, provide your details in the Excel document we emailed you. Your OSA and NV1 application will go directly to the AFP.

How long is the vetting process?

This depends on the vetting assessment group. First you will be assessed based on the answers provided in the OSA documentation. This process will be determined quickly, however, exact times were not provided/known. 

The next step is the NV1 document assessment. The time for assessment depends on the information provided and more importantly the gaps or lack of information provided. This process is expected to take a minimum of 3 months and could take many months before clearance is granted. An AFP representative recommended that applicants include as much information as possible. If you do not have enough allocated space write the additional information on separate piece of paper. Write out explanation on items that you believe might be questioned. If you do not have access to certain documents ie birth certificates, a statutory declaration is acceptable to include. Answer all questions or put N/A.

Will I be able to be assigned on AFP assignments while my application is being processed?

Yes, depending on the assignment and if you have signed the Deed of Confidentiality. The AFP representative noted that your clearance might be given urgency if you are assigned work. Also they may seek provisional clearances on case by case basis.

After application submission who will be my contact?

       Once you complete your OSA and NV1 document and mail these directly to the AFP. Note: Contact details have been provided to you in the email from Translationz.

Your documents will be assigned to a AFP Assessment Officer and ongoing you will directly liaise with your AFP Assessment Officer regarding questions and any further information regarding the your NV1 application.

How will Translationz know if of your clearance status?

       Translationz will be advised of the outcome of the security clearance assessment by the AFP by email.

How long is the security clearance valid?

       The NV1 is valid for 10 years. 

Once I receive my NV1 clearance is there any additional information I will need to provide?

Yes, the AFP will send you a letter every 6 months (June and December) to ask you to fill in a form to note any changes in your circumstances. Such as marriage, new home purchase, sale of home, moving address etc. You will be asked to write the information requested on the AFP form. 

How can I determine if my security clearance is still valid or to find out clearance level that I possess?

You will need to check with the originating language services company who worked with you to obtain your clearance.  Or contact the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) http://www.defence.gov.au/AGSVA/  

You must list your current clearance level in the NV1 documentation. If you received previous clearance from AGSVA you will be asked to transfer your source agency to the agency you are choosing to work with (ie Translationz).

If someone qualifies for eligibility but currently overseas, can they still submit their documentation? 

If you plan to be overseas for a month or more, it is recommended to wait until you return to Australia to submit your OSA and NV1 application. Communicating with your Assessment Officer will be too difficult if you are overseas.

A question on the form asks- AFP site(s) to be serviced?  

       If you are willing to travel list “Australia-wide” if select areas – you can write “various”. 

If I currently have Baseline clearance do I need to fill out the application?

       Yes, the documents you received are for higher clearance level NV1.

For OSA Documents, In Form 4: Consent to conduct a national police check (NPC) please clarify what is needed to circle:

       As per our AFP representative, they requested the following answers to these questions (highlighted in yellow)

              “This check is for the following purpose:

              Employment: Sworn/Unsworn (Do not circle)

              Prospective employee/contractor

              Security Clearance: Access to secret/top secret

How much work can I expect if I receive the clearance?

       We are unable to answer. We do not know the expected volume. There is higher demand for certain languages. AFP requirements are constantly changing.

What are Translationz rates?

       We do not have set rates for the AFP. We are evaluating on a assignment by assignment basis.

If an interpreter is currently serving as a Law Enforcement Officer, with Australian Border Force and has a current OSA, and that is at Baseline level. Should I need to submit a OSA form to upgrade to NV1?

If an interpreter that already has NV1 clearance, however it was issued by the Attorney Generals dept.  Does she need to reapply?

As per the Security Vetting team that both of these individuals do need to submit an OSA Form so that the Security Vetting team can verify their clearances and advise them of their next form.

As per the Security Vetting team that both of these individuals do need to submit an OSA Form so that the Security Vetting team can verify their clearances and advise them of their next form.

Can Police Checks be used in place of AFP Clearance Forms?

Unfortunately, National Police Checks or Police Checks are not sufficient and all specified personnel need to complete the AFP OSA Pack and NV1 Pack. The AFP vetting team requires all new personnel to complete the OSA pack and NV1 pack.

When is the deadline for NV1 submission?

The deadline is Thursday 12th April 2018.

Regarding the NV1, my main question at this stage regards the questions about my "employers". Since I am a freelance contractor, should I give the details of clients instead?

Yes that is correct to give details of your clients. If you work with language service companies/agencies list the agencies also as your employer.

For NV1 Documents answers to questions

For Intended team: If you are willing accept assignments anywhere in Australia: list “Australia-wide” If only in city you reside list that city ie: Sydney.

Question about whether copies of supporting documents do not need to be certified by a JP.

When you complete Form 9 Statutory Declaration and this is witnessed by either a JP or an authorised person, ensure your supporting documentation is witnessed by this person. They do not have to certify individual documents. We will need to supply the original form 9.

Simultaneous Interpreter and Consecutive Interpreter

What is the difference between a simultaneous interpreter and a consecutive interpreter?

Thursday, November 21, 2013




An interpreter translates the spoken word in two directions as opposed to a translator who translates the written word. Interpreters think and speak in two languages on the spot and generally without the aid of reference materials or other resources.

The most common types of interpreters are either consecutive or simultaneous.  A consecutive interpreter is used in meetings such as medical appointments (doctor/patient situations), legal settings (lawyer/client situations), business meetings, phone calls and press conferences. Other  situations where consecutive interpreting is used most frequently is in court  settings and police interrogations.


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