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Why Lawyers Should Choose Translationz for Legal Translation

Why Lawyers Should Choose Translationz for Legal Translation

Friday, 4 April 2014


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A skilled translator is an essential tool for any legal firm. Google Translate may serve a purpose for certain personal documents, or a quick translation, however, with legal work, a professional experienced in legal matter linguist is the key to an accurate translation. In translation, we often have selection of words that can be interchanged when translating.  We find the best translations are those done by a linguist who understands the intended meaning and thus select the most appropriate word to use in translation.

Translationz works with highly qualified translators experienced in legal matters. All of our candidates are reviewed for their education and background in legal studies and relevant legal experience.  Our translators are tested and retested. To maintain highest quality for our clients all documents are reviewed by independent proof reader prior to delivering.

In addition, to maintaining the high standard of our translation services, we follow a 3-step quality process:

1.    The document is translated by a professional linguist who is a native speaker of the target language and has legal experience.

2.    The document is reviewed and edited by a proofreader for accuracy and assurance proper legal terminology is presented.

3.    The document is reviewed by a third person to make sure that the project is properly formatted and ready for delivery to the client.

We guarantee the accuracy of our translations. Translationz works hard to translate the intended meaning versus a word for word translation so both lawyers and clients have a full and accurate understanding of what is taking place in any given proceeding. A successful document translation should read as if it were originally written. The text should flow smoothly whereby the reader assume the written document was an original writing versus a translation from another language.  

The high-pressure nature of the legal industry requires quick and efficient translations. We are flexible and can translate high volume work quickly to meet your firm’s obligations, respecting your deadlines and business practices. So, if you’re looking for a client-focused translation company that is dedicated in servicing the needs and high expectations and demands of legal professionals, Translationz is the translating and interpreting service provider you have been looking for. Call us today and you will see the difference as to why we have loads of happy lawyer clients.

Karen CEO
Written by: Karen Hodgson, CEO of Translationz

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