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Website Localisation and Two Devastating Common Problems

Website Localisation and Two Devastating Common Problems

Monday, October 21, 2013

Localisation is a professional service that adapts and modifies products and services in order to incorporate the needs and aspirations of local residents. These changes aim to recognition local sensitivities and to address local cultures, customs, and common word usages.



Website Localisation is the process of adaptation and modification of website content in order to easily and effectively communicate information regarding products and services to local residents, and to incorporate changes in communication in order to facilitate the cultural assimilation of the products and services in the new local environment.

Successful website localisation requires that the translator have the appropriate knowledge of the language and the cultural background of the local environment, as well as sufficient expertise in crafting a website in that particular language. If any of these multi-layer processes is inadequately dealt with, chances are that your project will not meet the parameters of successful website localisation.

Website localisation is a marketing strategy used to communicate with international audiences in their native languages and to provide products and services in accordance with their socio-cultural aspirations.

Common Problems of Website Localisation

Many businesses realise that English is not the native language for the majority of Internet users and that they can approach potential clients more effectively by communicating in their native languages. Some companies have taken the lead by presenting their websites in languages such as Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish, and other businesses are following under pressure of losing business to these market leaders.

Unfortunately, despite companies realising the benefits of website localisation, we often see two critical issues repeatedly compromise successful website localisation:

Poorly Translated Website: When a website is poorly translated, it tarnishes a company’s hard-won corporate image and can negatively affect sales. Some companies fail to understand the importance of quality translation and outsource their projects to unqualified translators. And some companies have even used machine translation on their websites, turning the entire process into a farce.

Insensitivity to Cross-Cultural Differences: Cultural sensitivity surrounding products and services is extremely important. A company should not present any information on their website without first modifying it according to the social and cultural aspirations of the local residents. Many companies mistakenly fail to consider the importance of the cultural environments of local markets.

Poorly translated websites and marketing materials cause customers not to trust a company or its products and services; businesses can easily lose credibility this way. And if the cultural aspect is wrong, the consequences may even be insulting to potential clients.

If your writing is sloppy—confusing to the customer or full of spelling errors—your brand or business will be perceived as careless and untrustworthy. On the other hand, if your writing is polished, your brand will be seen as professional, high value, and reliable. A business will have colossal difficulties in gaining a respectable local presence with poor website localisation. Incorrect translations or culturally insensitive presentations of your products and services will create barriers to effective communication and ultimately impact your credibility in the local market.


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Written by:
Karen Hodgson, CEO of Translationz

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