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Tapping into the Massive Chinese Market

Tapping into the Massive Chinese Market

Sunday, July 14, 2013

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Chinese is becoming an increasingly important language and is spoken by billions of people in East Asia. After the US, China has the largest number of internet users. If you are looking to expand your business into the Chinese market, having your company brochures or your website translated into Chinese is an absolute must.


With well over 200 dialects spoken throughout China and East Asian regions, it is important to get translation precise. A professional translation company will seek to understand your business and your customers and understand what makes your business “tick”.  At Translationz, when we translate materials for our clients, we do our research.

Gathering information about our client’s products, services and client’s core values and style is key.  We use this research not only to translate the intended meaning of their documents, but to ensure when translating, that we illuminate the client’s distinct voice and style.

Translating the proper cultural nuances and ensuring the translation is appropriate for the local market is another challenge. This is critical since Chinese people put a great value to their culture and tradition. Effectively translated documents allow your company to build the right rapport and cultural understanding with the intended audience. The right words and phrases must be chosen for a comprehensive interpretation.

For website translations, Translationz focuses on quality translations that attract customers and retain visitors rather than deter or perhaps even offend—as can easily be the case with a poorly translated website. Your website serves as the first port of call for anyone who wants to find information about your company, and it should be fundamental in your strategy to attract the billions of Chinese speaking people from all around the world. As you address these potential clients in their native language, your efforts to properly communicate with them in their native language says a lot about your commitment and interest in these potential customers.

Written Chinese uses characters rather than letters, so in order to accurately translate a document, we assign specific work to specific translators who are subject matter experts. A translator must have extensive knowledge of the content of the document as well as complete understanding of the connotations of the words chosen in the document, because sentence structure is radically different in the written Chinese versus English.

When translating into Chinese, chose your translation service provider wisely. Seek experienced translation agencies who take interest in understanding your business. Complex and large translations are best completed by subject matter experts. Test out the translation provider with a small document to ensure their translations are accurate and convey your company style. At Translationz, we know what it takes to provide a superior translation, and we utilize the best individuals to ensure nothing but the best.


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Written by:
Karen Hodgson, CEO of Translationz

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