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Pixel Buds - Translation Headsets - A glimpse of the Future

We are getting lots of questions about the recent release about the Pixel Buds.  Here is a quick summary of our response.  You can contact us if would like more information.

1.  Advances in AI and machine learning for text translation and voice translating (interpreting) are rapidly accelerating.  The Pixel Buds is one example of the minimum viable product (MVP) that has been launched in the machine interpreting space. Some of the players in the market are Microsoft (with particular reference to their Skype offering), IBM and of course Google.  The revolution in technology is coming faster than most people in the industry expect. At Translationz, we are embracing the technology.  We already offer on-demand interpreting services using human translators.  We have a state of the art cloud platform that enables rapid connection to human interpreters.  This is being used across Australia and internationally.


2.  While the MVP for the pixel buds has very limited application right now (we continue to human translators (interpreters) in all business and government scenarios) we are a big believer that the technology will be a viable option for many use cases. Travel and tourism, where the consequence of an incorrect translation has a lower risk , looks like it is the first market they are targeting.  Our analysis suggests that the areas where there are the highest negative consequences for mistakes such as medical and legal interpreting will be some of the last to adopt the technology.

3.  The technology advances represents a disruption to the market and therefore an opportunity for companies like ours who are in the mid-tier language services companies.  We have recently been added to the pre-approved supplier list for  80 Australian government agencies as well as more than 200 local councils and State government department. A significant reason for this success if the smart use of technology at Translationz.

4.  The reviews of the Buds indicate that they have a long way to go, however we believe that a future with advanced translation capability through technology is inevitable.

5.  We are adopting the state of the art technology when it meets the requirements of our client - like our ondemand interpreting solution - and we are continuing with our proven technology for conference interpreter equipment and simultaneous interpreters. See some of our FB videos for examples of our solutions.


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