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Phone Interpreting Services A Valuable Asset for Lawyers

Phone Interpreter Services - A Valuable Asset for Lawyers

Monday, 31 March 2014

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To better serve their customers whose first language may not be English, solicitors are increasingly using telephone interpreting services. In the past few years there has been double digit growth in the demand for telephone interpreting services in Australia. Savvy businesses are realising to better serve and retain customers, it is necessary to have access to telephone interpreters if they wish to grow in this expanding global world.

Living in a multi-cultural environment, solicitors are realising the relatively small expense a phone interpreter can yield significant returns. The service is also becoming an increasingly popular way for law firms to differentiate themselves from their competitors. As we live in a global world, businesses are increasing their dealings with foreign countries, and it is essential that the legal implications are understood completely by all parties. Firms that recognise these changes and take action before others will gain the market share of business and be leaders in their field.

As businesses expand their reach around the globe, proper legal services are imperative for all parties involved. Partnering with a language service provider, such as Translationz, can help solicitors answer non-English speaking clients’ questions and properly convey the complexity of legal situations. Translationz has assisted many businesses with telephone interpreting services in many industries.

It is easy to partner with a language service provider such as Translationz—with just one easy phone call. In  Australia call 03 9034 5299 and in the USA and Canada call 1-888-998-8840. The return on your investment could be significant. Our interpreters are accredited, extremely qualified and highly experienced.

Translationz prides itself in understanding client’s needs and requirements.  We staff the most appropriate, highly qualified and specialized interpreters on assignments.  We have local interpreters available via the telephone or face to face in countries including the United States, Canada and Australia.  Our interpreters are staffed on medical appointments in legal and court assignments, business meetings, conferences and various other assignments. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, cost-effective translating and interpreting services that will exceed your expectations!

Karen CEO
Written by: Karen Hodgson, CEO of Translationz

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