New Domains Released October 8, 2014 – .Melbourne, .lawyer, .partners, and .world | Blog

New Domains Released October 8, 2014 – .Melbourne, .lawyer, .partners, and .world

New Domains Released October 8, 2014 –
.Melbourne, .lawyer, .partners, and .world

Thursday, 16 October 2014



Several new domains became available to the general public on October 8, 2014, including .Melbourne, .lawyer, .partners, and .world. For the first time ever, domain names like,, and are now available for purchase. In addition to domain names using personal or firm names, many premium names are also available, such as,, – you get the idea!

Why are domains so important?

A specialised domain (also called a “top-level domain”) such as .lawyer is a powerful marketing tool for enhancing memorability and brand recognition. It gets your message to the market more quickly and makes it easier for clients to contact you. When added to your webpage and business cards, a unique domain name such as or will stay in the forefront of a potential client’s mind.

Having a .lawyer domain sends a message to the public, to your profession, and to the world in a way that .com simply doesn’t. It can also be useful in helping to protect intellectual property associated with your name. And it can provide you with the security of knowing that if you change firms or decide to strike out on your own, your clients will still be able to easily find you.

These specialised domains just became available for purchase on October 8, 2014, so if you’ve been thinking of starting your own website or blog, seeking unique branding, or redirecting the name to your existing website, now may be the time to consider registering a new domain.


At Translationz, we work closely with lawyers every day and are interested in the issues that affect them, such as the new domains. While we are not in any way involved in registering domains, we do provide other services to lawyers and law firms, such as interpreting for legal meetings and court proceedings, as well as the translation of legal documents. We understand the importance of not only accurately conveying the pertinent legal information, but of also adhering to industry standards of terminology and formatting. We are thorough in our translations of legal documents, and we adhere to the highest standards of accuracy.

For more information about our translation and interpreting services, please call or email Translationz to discuss your specific requirements.


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