It’s great to live in a global world! | Blog

It’s great to live in a global world!

It’s great to live in a global world!

Monday, July 08, 2013

How Translationz is helping clients from the other side of the world?

The world is becoming increasingly global—we can easily bridge long distances through technology. The internet allows us to connect quickly and efficiently via email, social media, and programs such as Skype. As the world becomes a global community, translations services are becoming increasingly in demand. Last week we were contacted through one of the mediums on two different occasions by potential European clients in need of translation services.


Our first assignment was on Tuesday. Our office in Australia received a call at 11am from an Environmental Consultant residing in Spain. The consultant was working with a client in China and in need of urgent translation services. The service needed was to listen to an audio recording spoken in Chinese, write down the Chinese text, and then translate it to English. It turns out the Spanish consultant’s translator failed to deliver earlier that day, and he was scrambling to deliver on his promise to provide the deliverable to the Chinese client by the end of the business day. The environmental consultant asked us to complete the work within five hours.

This was no problem for us! While the Spanish consultant was heading off to sleep—tired from a full day of work—in Australia at 11am, we were bright eyed and bushy tailed—in other words, we were ready for action and full of energy. That assignment went off without a hitch, and the Spanish environmental consultant was extremely pleased with our fast turnaround, accurate translation service, and stated “I’ll be back”. Quite a fitting statement since I had just seen Arnold Schwarzenegger at a conference two weeks prior.

Our second assignment came from an UK language service provider on Wednesday. The UK company provides services for a large multinational client who was seeking to localise documents targeted for the Australian market. Translationz was a perfect fit for the assignment, as we have loads of experience in localisation of documents and website localisation to Australian English as well as US English.

The UK project manager and I had several nice chats over Skype and Translationz was pleased to have received the localisation project as well as an indication of expected long-term collaboration.

What a great world we live in today! A translation company down under can be easily contacted for services by a consultant living in Spain and a company in the UK. We are enjoying our work and are immensely happy to help out clients with localisation and translation services from the all over the world.

Karen CEO 70

Written by:
Karen Hodgson, CEO of Translationz

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