Polish Passport Citizenship by Descent | EU Passports

Polish Citizenship for Australians 

If your heritage is Polish, then it may be possible to claim your Polish citizenship and get the associated Polish EU passport. A Polish EU passport can give you, and your family, benefits you may not have even considered that comes with being a citizen of the EU. In Australia, we have many people who are now taking advantage of this unprecendented opportunity.

Why would I want a Polish EU passport?

A European Union passport holder has entitlements that are valuable. Some of the benefits include:

  • Eligibility to work
  • Eligibility for university level education
  • Own and reside in property
  • Ease of travel in Europe

For more details review our EU Passports page.

What is the process to get a EU Polish Passport by descent?

Process Summary for Application

There are  number of steps that you need to go through in order to be eligible to get your Polish EU passport. Without guidance, the process can be time consuming and frustrating. Our structured process allows for a smoother path to approval when compared to random ad hoc applications.  We will work with you to determine eligibility, assist with the application and the associated documentation requirements.  When the official documents are approved, we will then work with you on the process to the get EU passport.


Eligibility for Polish Citizenship 

Eligibility is determined based on a set of criteria and your specific circumstances.  Some cases are clear as to your eligibility.  Other cases require more research and supporting documentation. By answering our eligibility checklist, we will be able to recommend to you of the next actions to take.  Check eligibility here.


Documentation for Polish Citizenship Passport

In most cases, our clients need additional supporting documentation.  We facilitate the process of getting these documents. Our partners based in Europe will conduct the research and extract the necessary documents to help support your application. This is where most people in Australia cannot assist you with your application. Sourcing these documents can be tedious and unless you know where to go and what to ask for, you can often be thrwarted.


Apply for Polish Passport

When the supporting documents have been sourced then the application can then be submitted.  Often, there is some coordination with the Polish officials.  You will need to attend an interview in Australia and the formalities of identification will be conducted.

Polish Citizenship Document

Citizenship document

When citizenship is confirmed you will receive the formal documentation and that is required to get your EU Polish Passport.