Pixel Buds - Translation Headsets - A glimpse of the Future

We are getting lots of questions about the recent release about the Pixel Buds.  Here is a quick summary of our response.  You can contact us if would like more information.

1.  Advances in AI and machine learning for text translation and voice translating (interpreting) are rapidly accelerating.  The Pixel Buds is one example of the minimum viable product (MVP) that has been launched in the machine interpreting space. Some of the players in the market are Microsoft (with particular reference to their Skype offering), IBM and of course Google.  The revolution in technology is coming faster than most people in the industry expect. At Translationz, we are embracing the technology.  We already offer on-demand interpreting services using human translators.  We have a state of the art cloud platform that enables rapid connection to human interpreters.  This is being used across Australia and internationally.

ArtAbility 2017 'Celebrating Identity'

ArtAbility 2017

You are invited to the official opening of the 13th annual ArtAbility®Gala Exhibition.

Lessons Learned From Attending Industry Conference

We were fortunate to attend the FIT Congress (Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs / International Federation of Translators) in Brisbane, Australia, held between Aug. 3rd and 5th at Brisbane Exhibition & Convention Centre. In fact, three of us at Translationz, myself, Karen, along with Lorraine and Katarina from the office, made it out to the conference and it was well worth our time away from the office.

Find Interpreters through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

National Disability Insurance Scheme Interpreters

If you or a close relative have a permanent disability and you subscribe to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you can receive help to gain access to:

  • mainstream services and the necessary and reasonable supports that are needed to lead a relatively normal life;
  • community services and supports, such as libraries, sports clubs, community groups and charities, so that you or your relative can fully participate in your community.
  • ‘reasonable and necessary supports,’ paid for through the NDIS. Such supports might, for example, include an interpretation or translation service.

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